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About Us

Brooklyn Art Club can and will teach your child to paint and create. We take care of each child individually to reach highest results for the short term. Come and try and you will be amazed how Art Club can make a little miracle.

Our Goals:

  • Develop children's interest in art.

  • Familiarize children with different types of art and different technics in art.

  • Teach to use the tools and different art materials such as (pencils, glue, paint brushes, color paper, etc.).

  • Teach to show on the paper conceived the plot.

  • Teach to draw with colored pencils, paint, gouache in the graphics.

  • Teach to create applications.

  • Teach to do their work in stages.

  • Bring accuracy and attentiveness.

  • Develop artistic taste and imagination.

  • Enrich the abilities and skills of the children.

Our Rules:

  • Payment is monthly, first week of month.

  • $120 standard 4 classes per month once a week for one child.

  • The price for materials changes. Art materials have risen in price.

  • $50 for the first semester from September to January

  • $50 is for another semester from February to June.

  • Or you can pay $10 each month together with monthly payment .

  • Together price will be $130 monthly (4 art classes + supplies fee)

  • Payment for missed classes is not transferred to the next month.

  • When studio is open and you miss your class you have an option to make up that class.

  • If 5 weeks fall in a month, 5th class is free and not counted in payment. Only 4 classes per month are paid.

  • In rare occasions studio may not have classes for a 5th class and it will be notified in advance.

  • If 4 classes were attended in month, it is counted as fully provided Art Classes service for payment of $120

Meet the Artists



Art Teacher

 I have a pleasure to introduce you to my Art Club for kids. I want to assure you that all my little artists have the best materials to work with and my professional knowledge in art.

 The classes take place once or twice a week and each month we have four different kind of art classes.

What Parents Say

"Love this art club! Children learn to work with different materials, learn how to build a picture properly etc. My son got started to be more creative when drawing a picture."

— Mike’s mom

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